What is Da'wah?

Da'wah is an Arabic word which has the literal meaning of "issuing a summons," or "making an invitation."  This term is often used to describe how Muslims teach others about the beliefs and practices of their Islamic faith. 


In Islam, it is believed that the fate of each person is in Allah's hands, so it is not the responsibility or right of individual Muslims to attempt to  "convert" others to the faith. The goal of da'wah, then, is merely to share information, to invite others towards a better understanding of the faith. It is, of course, up to the listener to make his or her own choice.


In modern Islamic theology, da'wah serves to invite all people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to understand how the worship of Allah (God) is described in the Quran and practiced in Islam. 

Some Muslims actively study and engage in da'wah as an ongoing practice, while others choose not to speak openly about their faith unless asked. Rarely, an over-eager Muslim may argue intensely over religious matters in an attempt to convince others to believe their "Truth." This is a fairly rare occurrence, however. Most non-Muslims find that although Muslims are willing to share information about their faith with anyone interested, they do not force the issue.

Muslims may also engage other Muslims in da'wah, to give advice and guidance on making good choices and living an Islamic lifestyle.


How FMCS is Facilitating: 


At FMCS shall leverage the life-experience of new Muslims and other creative “Islamic-Marketing” concepts to promote Islam to our larger community. A full-time staff member will administer this program. We have all heard so many times that Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet. As Muslims, we take pride in this fact. But how often do we think back and ask ourselves this question, “What have I done to propagate Islam”? We read in the papers or watch on TV about many incorrect and absurd things that the media ties in Islam and Muslims. Like most people, we get upset and mad about these false accusations. And moments later, we flip the page or the channel and carry on, not bothering to instigate a change. Below are some of our program overviews that will be highly productive with the community’s involvement:


  1. Leverage Holiday Season (Eid) programs with the community.

  2. Door to door concussing and distributing Islamic literature.

  3. Community volunteer work at Hospital, Food Banks, working with other mainstream organizations in getting the names (and values) of Muslim volunteers out to the public.

  4. Website and internet technology for easy access to information.

  5. Interfaith dialogue.

  6. Islamic information sessions (Dawah activities) at shopping malls, libraries, etc.

  7. Other creative means of reaching out to the Canadian public such as on radio, sponsorships and printed pamphlets.

Download pamphlets reflecting the true spirit of Islam and its message for all human race: 


  1. Why Islam? (the beauty and benefits)

  2. FAQ's about Islam 

  3. The final revelation to mankind

  4. The importance of prayer

  5. Science in Islam  

  6. Women rights in Islam 

  7. The Hijab 

  8. Who is Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

  9. 5 Pillars of Islam

  10. What Islam says about Jesus 

  11. Misconceptions about ISLAM 

  12. Purpose of life?



For any questions, you may contact FMCS for further assistance or directly at 6047208715 / 6048328123


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